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Manufacturing High Quality Laminating Solutions


RAETON™ Tear Resistant Paper

RAETON™ papers are durable, easily printable, convertible, environmentally friendly, and less expensive than synthetic papers. Typically, RAETON™ products are paper / film / paper, which imparts resistance to puncture, tear, or burst. RAETON™ offers a protective barrier against products like water, oil, and grease.

Consider RAETON™ Papers When:

  • "Synthetic Papers" would fail in a laser printer.
  • The final product can be successfully folded more than 10,000 times.
  • The considered process path is print + film lamination.
  • The final product is enhanced by tear resistance and durability.
  • It is desirable to reduce consumption of non-replenishing oil-based synthetics.



Flexible Packaging Materials

At Griff Applied Laminates we offer flexible packaging solutions, which are adhesive laminated structures manufactured on modern efficient equipment, to very tight quality tolerance. This ensures you experience consistent, high speed throughput on your printing and packaging lines. 

Almost limitless combinations of films, foils, papers, and adhesives produce a wide range of structures with varying desired properties such as: tear, puncture, seal, barrier, and print.

Perhaps you have a project requiring a non-traditional combination of materials or a unique performance requirement. We engineer new laminated structures all the time and welcome individually tailored requests.