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About Us


Griff Applied Laminates division are leaders in supplying and sourcing specialty paper, films, and laminated products around the globe. Since 1977, Griff has been working to create thousands of unique material solutions that deliver clear advantages in quality, speed, availability, and cost reduction for our customers. With the modernized adhesive lamination process beginning in 2008, we have brought new focus to Flexible Packaging Base Materials and the introduction of our RAETON™ Tear Resistant Paper product line.

We listen very closely to what customers tell us they need, then design and engineer laminated structures to fulfill those requirements, both in terms of functional properties and cost savings. Our custom applications are frequently used in the medical, construction, energy, industrial, and consumer goods industries. Some regularly created products are: flexible packaging laminates, food packaging, printing publications, industrial applications (such as: solar), electronic circulatory boards, and game boards.

Having adopted ISO 9001 standards and procedures strengthening our customer service, all production takes place in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. In addition, to support the product we produce, we offer precision slitting, custom sheeting, die-cutting, flexographic printing, and material testing.